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Social & Emotional Development

My name is Callie Lewis and I am the Youth Social Worker at BCAT. I have been at BCAT since 2019, and have loved every minute of it! As a part of the Youth Arts Team, I believe that our facility is a space meant to be youth-driven and youth-focused. We want our youth to feel safe, comfortable, and supported by our team, as well as the environment they are working to express and create within.  

Many call me the "Mom" of BCAT, because it is my role to ensure that all youth that come through our doors are welcomed, supported in and outside of BCAT, and last but certainly not least, fed healthy and nutritious food! (Yes, we do have cookies and candy from time to time, don't worry!)


In addition to this, I facilitate social-emotional learning and development of our youth through:

Callie Lewis, MSW
Youth Social Worker

  • Evidence-based youth-reported assessments that focus on these core areas: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, and Responsible Decision-Making

  • In-class activities to promote social interaction amongst peers and confidence in interpersonal communication

  • Sessions and workshops with other Community Organizations to educate and empower our youth about important topics such as youth sexual health, minor's rights, the therapeutic use of art, health, wellness and hygiene, conflict resolution and problem-solving, as well as youth voice and community impact.

  • Internal BCAT events and parties to celebrate our youth and their creative and expressive accomplishments, as well as to instill membership of the BCAT Family into our youth.

  • Organizing events and activities within our local community to engage youth with community members, and to increase youths' awareness of the positive impact they CAN, DO, and WILL have within their own community.

  • Referring youth and families to external resources for additional services needed

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